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***Hong Kong***

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Eurasia 2001 (unfinished)

Eppi Hung and her Brother

Here I am pictured with Eppie Hung who I met while working in Harrods in London before I moved out to Korea, and her brother. Eppie was studying in the UK and when I told her that I'd be visiting HK in the future she gave me her number so that when I eventually did get to HK in December '96 I called her up and we met. She took me around the Tiger Balm gardens and everything that the guide books say about this place is true.

Stacy Murray

While out partying New Years '96/'97 I met Stacy Murray and a group of her colleagues who work at Clifford Chance in Jardine House. On New years day we took a tour of Victoria Peak and the tramways.


This is Walter Pozzoli with whom I had a great time partying in Hong Kong in December 1997. Walter, originally from Switzerland and having lived in France had been studying Chinese in Beijing and had just finished his course before taking a break in Hong Kong.


This burly chap is Bernard from London who's a police photographer. We met and fancied a trip across the harbour to take some photos so we halved the cost of boat trip out.

From the Goethe-Institut

The guy on the left is Dirk Angelrots and both the two chaps here are Germans who work at the Goethe Institut in Manila. The young lady comes from the Philipines but all three were in Hong Kong for the Handing Back in '97.

Charity Fair

I started chatting to this gentlemen at a charity fair the day of the eve of the Handover.

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see the banner 

As in all political changes you expect resistance of one form or another, but what surprised me was the amount of people protesting against something that shows no sign of yet giving in to democracy.

Cries for 

The characters along the top read,"Love (your)Country, Love (Hong) Kong, Love the People and I don't recognise the final character. I only recognise a couple of characters from the bottom line. Not enough to make sense.

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